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Hello! My name is Ahmad. I would like to publish a novel one day (maybe several). A creative friend I once divulged this dream to told me to “SHOW YOUR WORK“. This site, as a collection of my writing, is an attempt at that. I┬áhave had no formal training in creative writing but I have been writing nonsense for a very long time. So, dear reader, wherever you are, I would be happy to hear any feedback or criticism on what you see.

I am currently based in London. I was born in Singapore, and grew up in Western Sydney. I’ve lived in Amman, Damascus and Istanbul along the way, and you may find my curious adventures colouring my writing here and there. Like many other Singaporean Malay families, we have our long and convoluted “origin story”. But I’ll get to that later.

If you would like to engage in friendship, send me a message.

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